What’s the fizz, sends me scary under the bed
What would be of me if they broke the wooden door
Almighty, Allah, is it possible to turn me invisible
Bang, bang and bang, those must be metal rods knocking
But is the river that flows in the village

If someone was brave enough to hack down the monster
Bones would break, blood would flow but all for a good cause
The clatter is too much as the young men make their puffs
Their chests would pass for a roasted meat ready to be served
But is the river that flows in the village

Everyone wake up, machetes and all you got at hand
Our people need a spiel, before a generation is wiped out
Look at them, marrying on the cheap bottles and strong puffs
Is this the end of my granny’s name, what of development
But is the river that flows in the village

My brother don’t cry anymore, a wife soon you will get
Though most are swept off with modernity, no care to family
They call it independence but what example set to their daughters
Our homes need better foundation, home makers not breakers
But is the river that flows in the village

I stand strong in word and character and I beg you to second
The dragon is not too big for me for I know you watch my back
My parents are old to fight, my children fear their tomorrow
But I step forward to start the change, sign up for support
For this river in the village must flow clean water



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  1. What kind of river flows in your village?

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