Too much bubble my ears about to burst

Confused angry but choose to still stay

Not many days gone we celebrated a day

Reminding us how the land got liberated

Guess my grannies did it all in vain then

They should have tilled the white highlands

Instead in the bushes they spent the nights


Remember we still ranked third world rates

Seems some dread to watch blood streams

They sweat daily to destroy our blessed nation

Take your seats leaders shut till I am done

I too am a shareholder of this very nation

My voice matters more still like yours do

Next time you dream, put it in your diary


The stadiums are meant for peace building

Developments and religious big days out

Bubble your anger to your wife and kids

We too have our anger and hold it inside

Its enough the thunders’ noise got to cease

Too many days and shillings gone to waste

Or do you have time and days to reimburse?


The laws are in place and daily I tow the line

Why not you who signed the books of laws

Or did we just make you too big with our cards

We need development and wins in our news

Not incompetent faces n words in the dairies

We want to watch counties in competition

Not who cursed who and who hates who


Just a reminder hope you know how to read

This is my country too and I too decide on it

This is my country too and I vote just like you

This is my country too I decide who will lead

This is my country too I need peace and unity

This is my country too you can leave if you wish

This is my country too I am here to forever stay



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