Have seen that pitiful and sad look before

But today I choose to scream my mind loud

I am not disabled guess your thinking is

Hear me shout one voice calling for many

Some with no legs always find their way

Rocky helter skelter limp to their destiny

Others with no sight but they smile to the day

The widest hallo ever hope you grinned back

Put off the burden lest you disable your mind

Stop seeing my disability and watch my ability

My brains still alive and accordingly in order

Great ideas I have if only you would listen

Can swim and win trophies with no legs

Can sing the sweetest song ever recorded

I am human just give me an extended hand

Guide and help me earn my daily bread

A coin in my tin makes my ears tingle more

How long will I wear your clothes and shoes?

Here’s my proposal kindly sign your part

Tell your partners that I too am an achiever

With equal rights and mind far we all go


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